What’s the general idea of the site?

The idea is that you can meet new people by viewing every members activity on the site in one place without having to add them beforehand.

Can I just see my friends activity?

Yes, just click the “My Friends” tab under the status update bar on the Activity page.

What are groups?

You can join groups to show your interest for a certain topic or hobby. You can also post in these groups.

What is the chat bar in the bottom right hand corner of the website?

This is the site wide chat function allowing members to chat to everyone registered and online at that time.

How do i mention people?

To mention people you can either navigate to the users profile and click “Public Message” or you can type the members username with an “@” symbol before it in the Status bar at the top of the Activity page, for example @JohnSmith.

How do i accept friend requests?

To accept friend requests navigate to the My Account button to the top right of WorldHub’s website, then click Friends and then Requests.